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The Marine Professional

Protective Stance – As President Obama announces the largest ever Marine Protected Area, we consider the knotty definitions of words and mountains of documents intended to protect our seas and oceans. The Marine Professional, October 2016, pp30–32 (PDF)

A Catcher Under The Sea – A research group is developing ways of monitoring carbon dioxide deposition under the sea to assess the safety of carbon capture and storage. The Marine Professional, May 2016, pp56–57 (PDF)

Forensic Barnacles – Crustaceans stuck to the aircraft wing that was washed up on Réunion Island could help investigators determine exactly where ill-fated flight MH370 was when it disappeared. The Marine Professional, Nov 2015, pp52–54 (PDF)

Canyon Diving – As deep-sea environments come under increasing threat from underwater mining, research into their biodiversity is all the more important.The Marine Professional, Mar 2015, pp55–56 (PDF)

Marine Scientist

From November 2012 to August 2014, I was the Editor of the quarterly magazine Marine Scientist, published by the Insititute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST), which has now be absorbed into The Marine Professional (see above).

Here are some articles that I wrote/edited/published:

POSEIDON: An innovative school oceanography project – A project at a Grammar School in the UK shows how to encourage school-aged pupils to become more engaged in oceanography. Marine Scientist Feb 2014 pp28–32 (PDF)

Seascape ecology: A new science for the spatial information age – Visually captivating seascape patterns from the coastal zone to the open ocean are now being revealed in ever more detail by the latest generation of remote sensing devices. Marine Scientist Aug 2013 pp20–23 (PDF)

Marine Science Journals, Open Access and social networking – Publishing scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals is the life-blood of scientists. New initiatives for facilitating scientific publishing are appearing all the time. Marine Scientist commissioned science journalist Eric Marx to look at this rich and fast-moving area. Marine Scientist  Feb 2013 pp28–32 (PDF)

Threatened closure of Millport Marine Biological Station – An example of interviewing key personnel on the closure of an important scientific centre. Marine Scientist  Feb 2013 pp12–13 (PDF)

5m Publishing

5m Publishing (now 5m Books) “works with authors to create sustainable agriculture, animal health and welfare literature, in book form and via various websites”. Here are some examples of articles written by me:


The Challenge of Shrimp Diseases in Asia (PDF)

New Research Challenges the Effect of Sharks,
Rays on Oyster and Shellfish Industries

Fat Fish Illuminate Human Obesity

Controversy Over Chinese Scientists Creating
Micropigs (PDF)

Using Pigs to Root Out Nutsedge (PDF) (which
included a quote from Genesis’s “Get ’em out by Friday’!)

How Can We Value the Natural World?