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Typographical Design

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Here’s some examples of books that I have typographically designed:

The Law of the Wild: An Ecologist’s Life, by Ian R. Swingland

This is a fascinating autobiography of a leading biodiversity and conservation expert. I have known Professor Swingland since about 1990, when I was working for Chapman & Hall. Captivating the reader with his adventures, exploits and near-death experiences, as well as sharing insights gained from advising powerful individuals in government and commerce, this is a book for those who are passionate about wildlife, biodiversity and its conservation. It is also a cracking good read as he shares stories from his close relationships with key figures in academia, business, charities and the bush. The book has an extensive index and was published as an eBook as well as a paperback.

Chapter 7 (pp114–115, 140, 150–151)
Chapter 9 (pp163–164)
Chapter 10 (pp194–195)

Digging Up Paradise: Potatoes, People
and Poetry in the Garden of England,
by Sarah Salway

Sarah Salway approached us with this lovely book proposal, which “takes you on a tour of the Garden of England, from mermaids’ palaces in Margate Shell Grotto to garden pianos at Finchcocks”. The book was a travelogue and photo book, with journal entries, letters, poems and photographs. We decided therefore to go with a ‘coffee-table’ type book.

Prelims (pp i-xxi)
The Shell Grotto, Margate (pp2-5)
Finchcocks Musical Museum, Goudhurst (pp24-27)
Marle Place Gardens and Gallery, Tonbridge (pp38-41)
Red House, Bexleyheath (pp64-60)

The Hungry Writer, by Lynne Rees

Slow (pp6-11)
Take One Red Dragon (pp56-61)