07800 522724 bob@carling.org.uk

Publishing Consultant

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If you have an idea for a book, please contact me with your proposal. I can advise on its development and, with my contacts in the publishing industry, I can help place it with the right publisher – or help you self-publish. I also have experience of e-Book publishing.

Contact me If you are a publisher in need of:

  • commissioning/acquisition of new titles
  • project management of publishing products
  • typesetting/layout/page design
  • budgeting and other publishing consultancy, such as ‘bedding in’ an acquisition
  • a writer/editor/science journalist

Examples of books that I have commissioned/edited/project managed/typeset:




I have previously worked for:
- Academic Press
- Baillière Tindall
- Chapman & Hall
- Holt Saunders
- The Royal College of Physicians
- The Stationery Office

Freelance clients have included:
- The Wild Geese Press
- 5m Publishing
- CRC Press
- Ekklesia
- Marine Professional
- Nature
- Pelagic Publishing
- Scriptoria
- Southampton University
- The Royal College of Physicians
- The Royal Society
- Wiley-Blackwell