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The Marine Professional

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Articles by Bob Carling in The Marine Professional

Protective Stance – As President Obama announces the largest ever Marine Protected Area, we consider the knotty definitions of words and mountains of documents intended to protect our seas and oceans. The Marine Professional, October 2016, pp30–32 (PDF)

A Catcher Under The Sea – A research group is developing ways of monitoring carbon dioxide deposition under the sea to assess the safety of carbon capture and storage. The Marine Professional, May 2016, pp56–57 (PDF)

Forensic Barnacles – Crustaceans stuck to the aircraft wing that was washed up on Réunion Island could help investigators determine exactly where ill-fated flight MH370 was when it disappeared. The Marine Professional, Nov 2015, pp52–54 (PDF)

Canyon Diving – As deep-sea environments come under increasing threat from underwater mining, research into their biodiversity is all the more important.The Marine Professional, Mar 2015, pp55–56 (PDF)