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Typographical Design

As Cultured Llama Managing Editor, I typographically design the books that we publish. Here’s some examples:

Digging Up Paradise: Potatoes, People and Poetry in the Garden of EnglandDigging_Front_Cover,
by Sarah Salway

Prelims (pp i-xxi)
The Shell Grotto, Margate (pp2-5)
Finchcocks Musical Museum, Goudhurst (pp24-27)
Marle Place Gardens and Gallery, Tonbridge (pp38-41)
Red House, Bexleyheath (pp64-60)

9780993211935-Cover190915 ALT1.inddThe Hungry Writer,
by Lynne Rees

Slow (pp6-11)
Take One Red Dragon (pp56-61)





I am responsible for the production of Ekklesia Books:EkklesiaLogo-Final-03

9780993294204-front-cover-smallerSexuality, Struggle and SaintlinessSame-Sex Love and the Church, by Savitri Hensman

The question of Christians affirming lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people continues to be challenging for some in the churches – while onlookers are baffled or angry at what seems to be the persistence of religious prejudice and bigotry. In this book, Savi Hensman, who has long wrestled with these questions practically and theologically, seeks to demonstrate that the central resources of the Christian tradition make change possible, desirable and indeed necessary. Sexuality, Struggle and Saintliness examines the major shift in thinking on sexuality among Christians that has taken place over the past hundred years. It explores the groundbreaking work of theologians, church historians and other writers. Delving beneath the surface of recent ecclesiastical conflicts, the book looks at how churches can, and do, live with disagreement. It proposes a positive way forward in handling divisions over sexuality.

Paperback: 272 pages; Ekklesia; December 2015;  978-0-9932942-0-4; 229x152mm

High Res front cover FOXESFoxes Have Holes: Christian Reflections on Britain’s Housing Need, edited by Andrew Francis

The book is a direct response to the UK’s housing crisis that is seeing citizens priced out of affordable homes, the collapse of social housing and a rise in homelessness.

This collection of essays provides a brief history of British housing, demonstrating why Christians should care. It considers the role of local authorities and housing associations and includes reflections on changing cityscapes and the use of open space.  There are essays on housing in rural communities, a theology of housing, and the impact of an inflated housing market.

Contributors include Bishop David Walker, Andrew Francis, Helen Woolley, Helen Roe and Paul Lusk.

The book concludes with a ten point action plan that lays out positive steps to tackle the housing crisis

‘This collection of essays is a timely reminder of why we are where we are, and is a challenge to action for people of faith.’ Rachel Lampard, Vice President Elect, Methodist Conference.

Paperback: 158 pages; Ekklesia; April 2016;  978-0-9932942-2-8; 229x152mm