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James Banfield, Managing Director, 5m Publishing, hired Bob as a Senior Commissioning Editor

“Bob is a highly experienced editor and expert in all aspects of the commissioning process and would be an invaluable member of any publishing team.”

Simon Barrow, Director, Ekklesia

“Bob Carling is a consummate professional. His all-round publishing skills, attention to detail and client care are the best I have come across. He is a pleasure to work with and provides excellent value for his services. I would recommend Bob to anyone.”

Steve Allen, Professional Freelance Designer/ Model maker. at Steve Allen Creative Works

“I have no idea of Bob Carlings job…….but he does!
His understanding of the written word, layout and publishing is way beyond my understanding, which is the point. If you want to have a job done correctly, you go to the engineer, not the oily rag.
Bob throws himself into his work and this shows very much in his other field of expertise, which is music.”

Derek Wood, Business Development at the International Festival for Business, hired Bob as Editor of Marine Scientist

“Bob’s contribution as Editor of Marine Scientist was immense and was reflected in the feedback from readers.”

Kelvin Boot, Science Communicator/Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional

“Delighted to recommend Bob for his editing skills on the Marine Scientist Magazine. The challenge of keeping such a magazine fresh, and the constant hunt for new material to ensure relevance and topicality is no mean feat. Bob managed that superbly.”

Henry Gee, science journalist, hired Bob as an Editor at Chapman & Hall

“I first met Bob Carling when he was a scientific editor at Chapman & Hall (now part of Springer). He took on the manuscript of my first professional book (Before The Backbone) and gave a great deal of useful advice to a first-time author, which I was at the time. The book was eventually published in 1996 and is still in print.”

Martin Hyndman, Commissioning Editor, Chapman & Hall

“By engaging closely with the client base to which he was focused Bob built up an impressive portfolio of book and journal titles at Chapman & Hall. He published widely within the areas of ecology, biodiversity and conservation. His natural enthusiasm and extensive network of contacts ensured a steady flow of new authors as well as publishing updated editions of established classics.”

Steven Messer, Senior Graphic Designer, University of Southampton

“I worked with Bob on a number of major projects for the university. He was an excellent colleague to work with and his attention to detail and editing skills were a superb resource for the design studio. I would recommend Bob as a thoroughly professional editor.”

Susan England, proprietor, Clio Pulishing

“There are two words that describe Bob in a professional capacity: ‘Blooming brilliant’. One of his great attributes is the way in which he puts his client at ease. He is efficient, knows his business (whether publishing or web design) and goes out of his way to help his clients, often beyond the call of duty. More than that he is an engaging, interesting man, with a lovely sense of humour. He was enormously helpful when I wanted my first website designed for Clio Publishing and was always at hand to maintain the content and aesthetic design of the site. It made a huge difference to me that I could rely on him completely.”

John Lavender, Senior Vice President – Publishing & Online Products at Taylor & Francis

“Bob is a professional commissioning editor who signs up good books, journals and electronic publishing products by building excellent relationships with authors.”

Martin Tribe, Associate Director at John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

“When we worked together I saw Bob as an excellent commissioning editor with an impressive knowledge of his subjects areas. He worked very well with me and my team, was always working towards team goals and supported his colleagues as necessary. I have no hesitation in recommending Bob as someone well worth working with.”